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Pillars Of School Leadership

As an educational leader, I am a firm believer and advocate for...

Strong, Sustainable Relationships With Scholars and Families

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As a educational leader, I firmly believe that relationships and strong relational trust are the core components of a strong, healthy, and positive learning community environments that benefit all stakeholders. Over the past 12 years, I have the pleasure of developing powerful relationships with scholars and families that have shaped my values and beliefs as I have progressed through my journey.  I have had the opportunity to develop strong relationships with stakeholders as a classroom teacher, member of the school site council, and leader for various school leadership clubs and opportunities. 

Creating Inclusive, Rigorous, and Engaging Spaces For
Students and Teammembers To Belong and Thrive

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The environment we are in has a tremendous impact on how we learn, grow, develop, and thrive. As an educator and school leader, I am deeply committed to cultivating energizing, inclusive, and engaging spaces for scholars and team members to learn, grow, and THRIVE! As a lead teacher, I implememented flex seating and thematic classroom components in my room environment that was reflective to my students identies and culturally relevant. I also, coached and mentored teachers in implementing these components into their own learning spaces. In addition, I ensured that my instruction was engaging and aligned to CCSS standards and used various engagment and instructional strategies to empower scholars in their academic and 21st century skills. 

Working as A Team To Achieve A Vision

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One of my greatest points of pride and joy of working in education has been the opportunity to collaborate and learn from my colleagues. The satisfaction and pride that comes from this, is working together to achieve a vision. A team mission and vision is the core driving force of achieving true success! I have had the extreme joy of leading teams with the vision of creating spaces for scholars and teachers to be empowered and take ownership of their unique traits and strengths. 

Developing and Empowering Leaders

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My guiding force as an educational leader is the vision of cultivating strong and empowered leaders. As I reflect on my 12 years in education. My greatest point of pride and honor has been the honor to be able to have space to work alongside and mentor scholars and educators in strengthening their own pedagogy and practice. I have done this through developing a robust new team member orientation, acclimating new team members to school culture and climate. Mentoring and coaching emerging and pre-service teachers, and leading school wide initiatives in CCSS best practices and equity/anti-racism work.

In addition to my work with educators, I have worked diligently to develop students interpersonal and leadership skills through cultivating an empowering and safe classroom environment that hold them to high expectations. Furthermore, I engaged scholars in their problem solving and introspection skills through implementing a school wide PBIS system rooted in a tiered system of supports and restorative practice. Lastly, I mentored students through various leadership opportunities and clubs that allowed students to use their leadership skills throughout the school community. 

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